Just two weeks ago the Borough posted about the Street Sweeper being used to start spring cleanup in the Borough and we have started yard waste pick up.  Then Winter in Pennsylvania is making itself known again. What the Weather Channel is calling Winter storm Stella is coming to town, and we will be prepared as best as we are able. The forecast amounts may vary but they do agree that there will be times when the snowfall rate could exceed 3 inches an hour.  Snowfall at these rates will tax the preparations of our Public Works Departments.  They have been working on preparations since Friday and at this point are in standby mode.  They will start salt and snow plowing procedures overnight. The crews will be concentrating on the main Borough owned roads and keeping them open for the Emergency services. The Borough will be out with all available personnel and equipment to try to stay ahead of the storm.  With the Borough having 27 miles of streets and only seven trucks, this is going to be difficult if the forecast is correct.  Your continued patience and cooperation will go a long way to helping them get the streets travelable as soon as possible.


Some helpful things would be as follows:

  1. Move your vehicle off the street, if possible. (Borough Lots will be open at Washington Street and Strawberry Alley)
  2. Stay off the roads as much as possible.
  3. Do not throw snow back into the streets, this is unsafe and illegal.


On behalf of the entire Borough Staff, thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we all go through this storm.