Here are some friendly tips to help prepare forĀ the impending snow fall.

  • Have supplies ready. Make sure to have essential items such as nonperishable food, medications, flashlights and extra blankets. If you have a well, be sure to have plenty of bottled water. For more storm preparation tips, visit theirĀ Outage Center
  • Stay safe. Always assume any downed power line is energized and stay away from it. Report downed power lines to 1-800-342-5775. Use flashlights instead of candles, which could start a fire.
  • Stay connected. Follow PPL on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for the latest storm updates.
  • Report your outage. If you do lose power, please report your outage at www.pplelectric.comor call 1-800-342-5775.
  • Get outage updates. Sign up for PPL Alerts, and you’ll get a text message, phone call or email – or all three if you’d like – with updated information about your outage.

Weather update for February 12th through February 13th for Pennsylvania

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