On the date of December 14, 2017, emergency personnel were called to the 100 block of E. Main St., Mechanicsburg for a 24 year old male Victim being found deceased in his apartment. While at the scene, suspected drug paraphernalia was found and it was later discovered that the Victim died as the result of a fentanyl overdose.

The investigation determined that three individuals were responsible for supplying the fentanyl to the Victim. They were identified as 23 year old Luis ALICEA-SOLIS, of Harrisburg, 46 year old Laurie SHEAFFER, of Enola and 23 year old Jacob DORTCH, of Carlisle.

All three were recently arrested and arraigned on charges that include Drug Delivery Resulting in Death, Involuntary Manslaughter and other related drug delivery and possession charges.

ALICEA-SOLIS and SHEAFFER are currently incarcerated and DORTCH was released on bail. All are awaiting preliminary hearings.