stormdrainplanterA storm water planter is a beautiful way to benefit our local streams and the Susquehanna River by reducing and cleaning the peak rain water flows that run into our storm water system. The planter system allows storm water to settle and filter out sediment and pollutants and while you are improving water quality you can also provide wildlife habitat and enhance the appearance of your property.

In addition, the planter system can reduce your water use by directing storm water from your downspout to be stored in soil, gravel and plant roots. The system reduces the amount of watering required for this outdoor planter while any excess storm water exits through an overflow pipe at the bottom of the planter and drains back into your downspout system.

stormdrainplanter3The Storm Drain Planter Contest rules can be viewed on the Mechanicsburg Borough website. Grand prize will be a $75 gift certificate from a local garden center. Contest details include:

  • All entries must be on a property within the Borough of Mechanicsburg.
  • Entries must include a photo of the installed planter with plants in place showing outfall and overflow points.
  • Entries will be received from May 10, 2017 – October 1, 2017 at the Borough Office.
  • Entries can either be emailed or mailed to the Borough at

For Complete Contest Rules, follow this link.
For a Helpful Diagram, follow this link.