As part of an ongoing effort to improve sanitary sewer service, Mr. Rehab, Inc. will be conducting pipelining installations within the sanitary sewer lines located near or in front of your property. The installation as indicated below will be scheduled for:

After initial equipment set-up the lining operations normally run between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM   Please limit your water during this time; specifically DO NOT USE showers, clothes washers, or dish washers between these hours, on the above mentioned date(s).  An occasional toilet flush, hand washing, and clean-up is ok.

You may notice a plastic-like odor present while our lining operations are in effect.  This odor is a normal occurrence during the lining process and it is temporary and not harmful. If odors are detected within your residence, simply open a window or ventilate with a fan. If you have seldom used drains, such as floor drains or unused bathrooms, please pour a gallon of water in the drain to fill and refresh the drain trap.  This simple procedure will prevent odors from entering your living space through the drains.

Should you have any questions, or desire additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 717-697-1242, project manager at 717-226-1831, or crew lead on site at 717-769-7267.

Our field crew working on the sanitary sewer will have proper identification. AT NO TIME WILL THE FIELD CREW HAVE TO ENTER YOUR RESIDENCE.

Your Cooperation is requested for this worthwhile endeavor to improve your sewer service and, at the same time, protect our environment.

Thank you,

Mr. Rehab, Inc.


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