In the past several days I have inspected a few Rental Properties that have revealed some very concerning conditions.  Some are included here for actual examples within the past two weeks:

  • No Central Heat – Health Hazard
  • Frozen Water pipes – Health Hazard
  • Portable Electric Heaters (in two cases these were in use in multiple and in one case Every room in the dwelling.) – Extreme fire hazard
  • Inoperable smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors in these same units – fire and health hazard
  • Excessive and improper use of extension cords. In one case cords literally spliced together, and improperly at that. – Fire Hazard
  • Windows sealed shut with caulk – these are often Egress Windows in case of fire. – Hampered Emergency Escape
  • There are other examples, but the above are the basic requirements of any “Dwelling Unit” in the state of PA and these are the most serious.

It is the sole responsibility of the owner of record to assure theses safety parameters are met in their rental units.

Failure to do so will result in placarding the building as “Unsafe” or as Condemned, either of which will lead to a 24 – 48-hour mandatory eviction of all tenants, which is not favorable to anyone except that tenants are being removed from unsafe structures.  Unfortunately, some tenants may not have any place else to stay.


So, a friendly reminder to all property owners to maintain these basic living conditions for all your rental unit tenants.