Phone scammers who impersonate PPL Electric Utilities give themselves away by doing two things the utility doesn’t.

The scammers claim they’ll cut off power in an hour or two if they don’t get paid, and they often pressure you to pay them with prepaid cards. (In reality, PPL gives plenty of notice when there’s a possible risk of shutoff, and the company doesn’t pressure anyone to use specific payment methods.)

If you get one of these calls, you can always check your account status by logging on at or hang up and call 1-800-DIAL-PPL to verify the call.

If you receive a suspicious or threatening call that claims to come from another company – like a gas utility or a bank – do the same thing: Hang up and contact the company directly using a trusted method, like the phone number on your monthly statement or from the company’s website.

At PPL, service termination always is a last resort.  The utility works with customers to set up payment plans or to enroll customers in income-eligible programs whenever possible. When termination does occur, it’s preceded by a formal notification process that involves a letter and phone call, as well as a door posting at the address in question.

Please share this news with your family members and friends, so that they can also watch out for phone scams.