With the expected snowfall tomorrow, now is a good time to remind everyone that the Borough recently revised the Ordinance requiring property owner’s to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks.

The revisions to the Ordinance provide that:

  • Property owners, occupants or tenants have 24 hours after the snow, ice, sleet and/or frozen rain has stopped to clear same from their sidewalks fronting upon or alongside any of the streets in the Borough.
  • The sidewalks must be cleared at least 4 feet across. If the width of the sidewalk be less than four (4) feet across, then the entire width of the sidewalk must be cleared of snow, ice, sleet and/or frozen rain.
  • All properties with a handicap ramp fronting upon or alongside any of the streets in the Borough of Mechanicsburg are required to remove all snow, ice, sleet and/or frozen raid from the entire ramp area within twenty-four (24) hours after snow, ice, sleet and/or frozen rain has ceased.
  • If the snow, ice, sleet and/or frozen rain accumulation becomes so hard that it cannot be removed by means of a snow shovel, or similar device, then enough cinder, sand or other similar abrasive must be put out on the sidewalk to make travel reasonably safe. As soon as weather permits, the sidewalk must be cleared.
  • No person shall throw, shovel, cast or otherwise place, pile, deposit or dump snow, ice, sleet, and/or frozen rain removed from sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or any other locations onto any street in the Borough which has been plowed and/or cleared by the Borough of Mechanicsburg or the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
  • In any case where the owner, occupant or tenant, shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of the ordinance within the time limit prescribed therein, the Borough may proceed to immediately to clear all snow, ice, sleet, and/or frozen rain from the sidewalk of such property and collect from such owner of the property the expenses incurred by the Borough plus and an additional 10%.
  • Violators of the Ordinance may be cited and are subject to potential fines and court costs.


The Borough will provide a warning to property owners, occupants and/or tenants in violation of the Ordinance before enforcement is initiated.  The Borough also realizes that when there is significant accumulation of snow, there may be snow piled along the curb line and will act with discretion in such situations.  However, failing to clear you sidewalks at all or just clearing a narrow path will be a violation.  For the safety of all, please clear your sidewalks of snow and ice promptly.