The Borough of Mechanicsburg recently adopted an Ordinance regulating the placement of a Dumpster, Pod or similar item on a public street or alley in Mechanicsburg.  Enforcement of this Ordinance is now effective.  The Ordinance is only intended for Dumpsters, Pods and similar items on Public Streets and Alleys.  If these items are on private property, the Ordinance does not apply.

Any person intending to place a dumpster, POD or similar device on any public street or alley within the Borough for any amount of time is required to apply for and obtain a permit.  The Permit Application Fee is fifty dollars ($50.00).  A completed application is required to be provided to the Mechanicsburg Police Department AND a Permit must be issued before a Dumpster or similar may be placed on a public street or alley.  No Dumpster or similar may be placed on a public street or alley without a Permit.

In addition, the application shall be accompanied by a certificate of insurance, in a form approved by the Borough Manager, issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in Pennsylvania for certifying that said company has issued or have written a Comprehensive  Liability insurance policy   maintained by the applicant in the amount of at least $100,000.00 for property damage and personal injury, combined single limit, arising out of or in connection with the placement or utilization of a dumpster or street storage on any street, with the Borough being named as an additional insured on said policy for such purpose; which shall not be cancelled except on fifteen (15) days’ advance written notice to the Borough.  The applicant further agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Borough of Mechanicsburg and assumes all liability for damages or injury occurring to any person or property through or in consequence of any act or omission of anyone associated with the placement of the dumpster or similar on the roadway.

Even with a Permit, the Dumpster or similar may not:

  • Block any portion of a public sidewalk or walkway
  • Extend into the travel lane of traffic
  • Be placed within twenty (20) feet of a crosswalk, intersection or traffic control device
  • Interfere with reasonable sight distances or adversely impact traffic or pedestrian safety

The Dumpster or similar is required to be illuminated with a warning light, light reflector or a reflectorized material on the front and rear surfaces in such a manner to indicate the height and width of it, and shall be visible for a distance of not less than three hundred (300) feet between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

In addition, Hazardous Materials and Garbage are not permitted to be placed in a Dumpster or similar items that are covered by the Ordinance.  Dumpsters or similar subject to a Permit must be covered with a tarp or similar weather resistant cover when not in use to prevent scattering and vermin invasion.  Dumpsters or similar subject to a Permit must have adequate restraints to prevent inadvertent movement.

Once an application is received, the Police Department shall conduct an assessment of the application.  In the interest of traffic and pedestrian safety, the Police Department may approve, approve with modifications or deny the application.

A Permit is valid for a maximum of four (4) weeks from the date of issuance.  Upon request and Borough approval, a Permit may be extended for an additional two (2) weeks.

The Permit Application and additional information is available online at the Borough’s website or at the Police Department.