Med Drop Box

The Mechanicsburg Police Department, in cooperation with the Cumberland County District’s Attorney’s Office and the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency, is pleased to announce that a secure Collection Box is now available to accept unneeded prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

The program is free and anonymous.  Prescription and over-the-counter tablets and capsules, liquid medications, inhalers, creams, ointments, nasal sprays and pet medications will be accepted.  Intravenous solutions, injectable drugs, needles and illegal drugs will NOT be accepted.

To participate, remove the labels from the drug containers or place solid medications in a clear plastic bag.  Bring your unneeded drugs to the Police Station anytime during normal business hours and just drop them in the blue collection box.  The box is located in the lobby of the police station at 36 West Allen Street.  Unless you are attempting to discard items not permitted, you will not be stopped, questioned or asked to produce identification.

Due to a grant secured by the District Attorney’s Office, almost all Police Departments in Cumberland County will have a drop box available in the very near future.

The Mechanicsburg Police Department is happy to partner with our residents to make our community safer, help prevent crime and aid in protecting the environment.  Providing a safe, secure and anonymous drop point for unneeded medications helps all us to accomplish those goals.