highwayThe Borough of Mechanicsburg highway department is tasked with providing road repair/maintenance, maintaining the Borough’s parks, leaf pick up, and street cleaning. During the winter the Borough Highway Department is equipped to plow snow from Borough roads and alleys.

The Borough Highway department utilizes the Borough General Fund and the Highway Budget to pay for staffing, maintenance, and repairs. The General Fund is comprised of tax revenues. The Highway Budget predominately uses state disbursements such as liquid fuels as the main source of revenue.

If residents have questions regarding road repair or information on roads that are in need of repair (including potholes), please contact Craig Yinger, Borough Highway Superintendent and Road Master at the Highway Department by email. When reporting a pothole or road repair, please remember to include location and a detailed description to aid us in finding and repairing the hole.

Snow Removal
snowremovalCooperation of the residents is vital to the success of the Snow Removal Plan. The following is the Snow Removal Policy for the Borough of Mechanicsburg: Snow/Ice must be removed from sidewalks within a reasonable amount of time (Ordinance requires 5 hours) after the snow/ice has ceased to fall or form. If snow/ice accumulation ceases after 6 PM, snow/ice removal must be done before 10 AM the following morning. It is unlawful to throw, place or dispose of any snow or ice upon the plowed portion of any street, highway or alley. Driveways will be plowed shut; it cannot be avoided. Plowing operations begin with the accumulation of four inches of snow. Salting operations begin with an accumulation of one inch of snow or as slippery conditions develop. Streets will be opened to the greatest possibility width. Cars parked on the street greatly impair the ability to have streets plowed and salted. Please remove your vehicle from the street for plowing and salting operations. Park in your driveway or off street parking area. The Borough is requesting that all vehicles are removed from all streets for plowing and salting operations. The following narrow streets are a primary concern:

No Parking on this Side
E. Portland Street Market St. Walnut St. South
E. Green Street Market St. Arch St. North
W. Green Street Market St. York St. South
N. Market Street Allen St. Portland St. East
S. Washington Street Main St. Simpson St. West
S. Washington Street Simpson St. Marble St. East
N. Arch Street Main St. Portland St. West

Clear Pedestrian Crossings at your intersection.

Please abide by the preceding instructions and snow removal efforts will be greatly enhanced. Remember, cooperation of the residents is vital to the success of the snow removal efforts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cleaning Snow around Fire Hydrants is Every Citizen’s Job

Remove snow from around the fire hydrant closest to your home or property. The hidden hydrant is a problem everyone should keep in mind when clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways around the home, business or industrial establishment. As soon as the snow stops fallling, clear the fire hydrant nearest to your home. Hydrants in front of your house or business should automatically be a part of your sidewalk snow cleaning operation

Street Cleaning

streetcleaningBorough Council is considering a change to the street sweeping regulations due to increased fuel costs and equipment maintenance. Please refer to future editions of the Borough Newsletter for up to date information. Unless updates occur, the following schedule will be in place. Every street will be cleaned one time per month during the sweeping season, April 1st through September 1st.Residents and property owners are requested to clean along the curbs at their property (including weeds and other vegetative growth) and to place the debris in containers for collection by the refuse crew. Spot cleanups may occur, depending on circumstances.

The major roads: (State Routes through the Borough); Main Street; Walnut Street; Shepherdstown Road; Williams Grove Road; West Marble Street; Simpson Street; York Street and South Market Street will be cleaned every Thursday between April 1st and September 1st.

The Central Business District will be cleaned in accordance with the following schedule and as posted with permanent signs. Parking is restricted accordingly; please notify your tenants.

Street Cleaning Operations subject to change due to holidays, weather, vehicle or equipment problems, or other circumstances.

W. Main Street both York and Market M & F 6 AM- 7 AM
E. Main Street both Market & Arch M & F 7 AM- 8 AM
E. Main Street both Arch & Race Th 6 AM- 7 AM
Market Street both Allen & Simpson M & F 7 AM – 8 AM
Allen Street both York & Arch F 7 AM- 8 AM
N. High Street both Main & Strawberry M 6 AM- 7 AM
N. Frederick Street both Main & Strawberry M 6 AM- 7 AM
N. Railroad Alley both Main & Strawberry M & F 6 AM- 7 AM
Arch Street both Allen & Simpson F 8 AM- 9 AM
Locust Street both Arch & Frederick F 8 AM – 9 AM
S. High Street both Simpson & Main F 6 AM- 7 AM
S. Frederick Street both Simpson & Main F 8 AM- 9 AM
W. Simpson Street both Market & Broad Th 7 AM- 10 AM

Yard Waste
yardwasteYard Waste will be collected weekly beginning March 3, 2010 and continuing through October 27, 2010. Residents can call the Borough Office by noon any Tuesday to schedule a pick up of yard waste for Wednesday. Yard Waste should be put out at the curb Tuesday for a Wednesday morning collection. Please put items in a location away from trash and recycling containers. Limbs, shrub clippings and other wood debris will be collected, but NOT TREE STUMPS, TREE TRUNKS OR GRASS CLIPPINGS. Republic Waste will be providing the collection service as part of the municipal solid waste and recycling contract. Bundles or branches should be no longer than six feet in length and six inches in diameter. Residents may take yard waste to the Joint Compost Facility on West Church Road at anytime during the year. The site is open year round, 24 hours per day. Drop off points are clearly signed at the facility. Please follow the instructions on the signs when dropping off material for processing. Mulch and tan bark are free to Mechanicsburg Borough and Silver Spring residents at the Compost Site. This mulch and tanbark is for residential use only.
Leaf Collection
leafLeaf collection begins the first FULL week in October. Your cooperation is requested in refraining from depositing limbs, branches, garden waste and hard objects such as bottles, cans or stones in leaf piles. Please place leaves for collection along the streets. Collection will be made as quickly as possible. Do NOT place leaves in “BAGS” for collection. Do NOT park vehicles over leaf piles. It is inevitable that the crews will get behind schedule. Rest assured that your leaves will be collected. Please have leaves ready for collection at all times. Leaf Collection Map here. (Click on day in chart below for close-up map.)

Monday Area east of Market Street, south of Simpson Street, west of Allendale Road, north of Alison Avenue.
Tuesday Area west of Market Street, south of Simpson Street, east of Allendale Road, south of Charles Street.
Wednesday  Area west of York Street, south of Simpson Street and George Street vicinity and Valley Stream Estates.
Thursday Area between and including all of Simpson and Main Streets.
Friday All streets north of Main Street.

This procedure will repeat until the end of the collection season. NOTE: In the event of inclement weather, mechanical failure or holidays, the schedule will resume where interrupted.


Storm Water Mitigation 

The Clean Water Act is a Federal Law, passed in 1972, goals of eliminating releases to water of high amounts of toxic substances, eliminating additional water pollution. In 1980, efforts were included in the Clean Water Act to curtain water pollution from runoff and storm water systems.

As authorized by the Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program controls water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of the United States. Point sources are discrete conveyances such as pipes or man-made ditches. Individual homes that are connected to a municipal system, use a septic system, or do not have a surface discharge do not need an NPDES permit; however, industrial, municipal, and other facilities must obtain permits if their discharges go directly to surface waters. In 1999, federal regulations extended coverage of the NPDES program to Municipal Separate storm sewer systems (MS4′s) serving populations less than 100,000. Permitting is managed by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP). The Borough of Mechanicsburg is required to comply with the NPDES program as a MS4.

The NPDES stormwater program requires permittees to develop a stormwater management plan that provides the details of how the community will comply with the requirements of the permit. Permits are based on six minimum control measures:

Public education and outreach
Public participation and involvement
Illicit discharge detection and elimination
Construction site runoff control
Post-construction storm water management in new development and redevelopment
Pollution prevention and good housekeeping for municipal operations and maintenance is fully committed to the Municipal Separate Storm water System requirements. Our goals are to protect water quality, and follow the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

We would also ask our citizens to be good stewards of the natural resources we all share. Some of the ways you can be a good citizen is to dispose of water properly, clean up after your pets, use fertilizers properly and efficiently to prevent its runoff and store materials that could pollute the water in a safe place. Stormwater is not treated in any way before it reaches the waterways. We also encourage our citizens to monitor the storm inlets in your neighborhoods. No one should dump anything into the storm water system, if you see someone doing this, contact the Borough at 717-691-3310.

Borough citizens can help our efforts in water quality protection by watching and reporting:

Sediment run off at construction sites
Spills (Chemical, Gas, Oil)
Illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers (PLEASE CALL 911 FIRST)
Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams (72 hours after a rain storm)

By being alert to these items, you can help preserve this valuable natural resource for future generations.

This is the presentation from the Town Hall Meeting on October 15th related to the Borough’s Infrastructure. The presentation was prepared by the Borough’s Engineer Greg Rogalski and presented by the Borough Manager, Pat Dennis and the Borough Engineer. As part of this presentation, the needed repairs to storm water conveyance facilities were discussed by the Borough Engineer.  Also discussed were storm water quality requirements under the Borough’s MS4 permit. Borough Manager Dennis discussed funding options to offset the costs of these needed Capital Improvements. Also discussed was future Borough and PennDOT paving projects for Borough Streets. The presenters discussed how the storm water problems facing the Borough impact the conditions of the Borough streets. After the presentation, question were taken from the public.

Download (PDF, 1.09MB)