The Historical Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) consists of seven members that are appointed by the Borough Council. The members of the HARB always include the following: a registered architect, a real estate broker, a licensed building inspector, a planning commission member, a property owner who resides within the Historic District, a Borough Resident who resides within the Historic District, and a Borough Resident at large. Their responsibility is to help applicants determine an appropriate approach for a repair or addition that will preserve the integrity of the home being reviewed and the neighborhood it is located in. The HARB does NOT approve or disapprove; it makes recommendations to the Borough Council based on historic appropriateness. When Borough Council approves an application, the applicant gets a Certificate of Appropriateness. The designation “Appropriate” means that a repair or renovation looks as if it belongs on a historic building in a historic neighborhood. The HARB meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the Borough Municipal Building. The deadline for submitting a HARB application is two weeks before the HARB meeting. There is no fee for submitting a HARB application. Please help Mechanicsburg retain its historical integrity!

Have questions or comments? Please contact Glenda at the Borough Office by email at
Chairman: Brian Haines (2015)
Vice Chairman: Eric Querry (2015)
Member: Tim DeWire (2016)
Member: Mary Eberly (2018)
Member: Linda Humes (2018)
Member: Matthew Scolforo (2018)
Codes Officer: Jeff Gardner

Contact the HARB at:

 HARB Awards


The properties listed below are in no specific order.

  1. Joseph T. Simpson Library – 15 North Walnut Street – Plaque & Certificate
  2. Elaine & Rick Hoover – 104 South High Street – Plaque & Certificate
  3. Jane & Mike Michaliszyn – 416 West Main Street – Certificate
  4. Greg Sarabok – Just Clogs – 15 West Main Street –Certificate
  5. Marsha & Martin Kelly – 517 West Main Street – Certificate
  6. Jill & Robert Miller and Kristen & Christopher Hersh – 35 East Locust Street – Certificate
The below listed properties are listed in no specific order.
  1. Richard Reilly – Metropolis Collective – 17-19 West Main Street – Plaque & Certificate
  2. Dr. Richard and Mrs. Nancy Luley – 417 West Main Street – Plaque & Certificate
  3. John and Anneta Karagiannis – Moda Salon – 56 West Main Street – Certificate
  4. Jean Keefer – 413 West Main Street – Certificate
  5. Bryan Lerew and Tracy Ludwig – 212 East Main Street – Certificate
  6. Gary Muccio and Greg Myers – 222 South Market Street – Certificate
  7. Kevin and Barbara Jackson – The Orris House Inn – 318 West Main Street – Certificate
  8. Andrew C. Sheely – 127 South Market Street – Certificate
  9. Kenneth B. Robinson & Associates – 40 West Main Street – Certificate
  10. Joseph & Ami Thompson – 106 South High Street – Certificate
  11. Jay L. Stoner – 124 East Locust Street – Certificate
  12. Jonathan and Christina Verrecchio – 403 West Main Street – Certificate
  13. Beverly Bone – 144 East Main Street – Certificate
  14. Jeanne Kreiser – 430 West Main Street – Certificate
  15. Michael Giordano – 222 West Main Street – Certificate