Rutter’s Farm Store #29, located at 714 West Main St., Mechanicsburg, PA received the 2014 Mechanicsburg Borough Commercial Recycling Award for its exemplary recycling practices.  The award was presented by Borough Manager Patrick Dennis to Store Manager Tammy Moore and Store Personnel/Operations Supervisor Chuck Moyer at the November 18 Borough Council meeting.


Rutter’s augments its in-store recycling program by providing outdoor red receptacles for customer recycling of bottles, cans and newspapers.  Since its opening in December 2013 through October 7, 2014, Rutter’s Mechanicsburg location has recycled 17 tons of bottles and cans, newspapers and cardboard and 402 pounds of fryer grease.

According to Rutter’s Farm Stores Communications Manager Alexandra Henry, “Rutter’s is committed to creating sustainable, healthy workplaces that encourage greatness from our employees and improve the environment of the communities we serve.  We implement green building techniques, like skylights, in our stores which reduce our dependency on electricity by illuminating our stores with natural light.  We use electronic coupons to reduce the amount of paper we require our customers use to do business with us.  Rutter’s was the first convenience store in the United States to implement a company-wide recycling program.”  The company operates 60 stores throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Receiving awards is not uncommon for Rutter’s.  The company was recognized as the International Convenience Retailer of the Year for 2014 by the National Association of Convenience Stores and Insight Magazine and was honored with the Eco-Super Hero Award given by the Captain Planet Foundation and CSP Magazine in 2009.

Rutter’s Commercial Recycling Award is the fourth awarded by the Borough.  Past winners include Davis County Living Agway (2011), John Gross & Sons (2012) and Ritter’s True-Value Hardware (2013).  The award program is designed to both recognize the outstanding recycling practices of Borough business as well as inspire other businesses to contribute to Mechanicsburg’s overall recycling efforts.