While a certain amount of Criminal Mischief, generally referred to as vandalism, will occur in any jurisdiction, the public parks in Mechanicsburg have experienced an increase in the severity of damage incurred recently.  The Police Department is asking for your help.  So far this year, vandalism in the parks has resulted in thousands of dollars in repair costs.  Just two recent crimes in Koser Park caused over $1,500 in damages. Vandals have intentionally damaged electrical systems, power supplies, playground equipment, toilets, doors, locks, windows, siding, dugouts, tables and pavilions.  In addition, the Borough refurbished stone work in Memorial Park which was vandalized immediately.  Finally, there have also been multiple acts of graffiti, often including vulgar language. Many children use our parks daily and no parent wants their children exposed to obscenity-laced graffiti.  As well as costing the Borough taxpayers money, the damage often cannot be immediately repaired and that impacts the quality of life for all residents and visitors. Just like the Anti-Terrorism program of See Something – Say Something, the Mechanicsburg Police Department is asking for your help in curbing these acts of vandalism.  Memorial Park closes at 10:00 PM and all other Parks close at 9:00 PM.  If you see anyone going into or remaining in any park after closing, call our non-emergency line at 717-238-9676 to report it immediately.  If you see someone in the park acting in a suspicious manner no matter the time of day, please call immediately.  We will send an Officer to investigate.  Working in partnership with the Community, we can hopefully reduce the amount of vandalism.  Help us by being extra eyes and ears in the parks and call in anything that appears out of place.

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