Under Pennsylvania Act 101, the Borough of Mechanicsburg is required to enforce mandatory recycling requirements for all multi-unit residential and commercial establishments.  The Borough Ordinance requires that the following materials be removed from the waste stream and recycled at multi-unit residential dwellings: aluminum, bi-metal cans, glass, plastic (#1 & #2), and newspaper.   Commercial establishments are required to recycle high grade office paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard.   Failure to recycle is a violation of the Borough Code.

The Borough Ordinance requires all commercial units in the Borough be serviced for refuse and recycling by a licensed waste hauler.  It is a violation of the Borough Ordinance to remove refuse or recycling from the Borough to be collected at another service location.  Small commercial units can sign up for the residential and small business municipal solid Waste collection provided by the Borough’s Contracted Hauler, Penn Waste for $45.15 per quarter per unit.  Larger commercial location must contract for refuse and recycling services.  All residential units within the Borough must participate in the Borough contract unless there are more than ten units in a building or the residential units are included within a mixed use building containing a commercial unit.    The Borough sends out a commercial recycling form each January which must be completed and returned by all establishments not participating in the Borough’s Municipal Solid Waste Contract.  This is done to insure that all waste is being properly recycled, if applicable, and properly disposed of it not recyclable.