The Borough received the following from Penn Waste:


Wednesday 2/7/18 – Due to inclement weather, all routes are cancelled today. We will operate on a holiday schedule for the remainder of the week. All Wednesday routes will be collected on Thursday. All Thursday routes will be collected on Friday. All Friday routes will be collected on Saturday.

In order to stay safe in the inclement weather, here are some tips on how to handle your trash and recycling:

  • Trash Bags – White trash bags blend in with the snow. If you have a darker colored trash bag that you could use or a trash can that you can place your bag in, it will make it easier for our employees to see, ensuring that your trash gets collected.
  • Please pull in your trash and recycling until your next scheduled collection day – In order to ensure that your trash and recycling is not hit with a plow truck or blown over, please hold your trash and recycling until your next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Access to your Trash & Recycling – Please make sure there is a clear and safe path for our employees to access your trash and recycling.
  • Bad weather – Due to poor weather and road conditions, your trash may not be collected at the typical time. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with collection schedules.
  • Children – Safety is our number one priority. If you have children who are playing in the snow, please be mindful of them playing close to the streets as visibility may be impaired due to weather conditions.
  • Slow Down Before You Go Around – If you are behind a trash or recycling truck, please make sure you slow down before you go around. Check for traffic coming in the opposite direction before going around the truck and make sure you look for our employees before trying to pass.
  • Keep Your Eyes On the Road When Driving — Please do not text and drive or get absorbed with other distractions such as playing with the radio or fixing your makeup. You are putting yourself, others on the road and our employees at risk. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and give yourself some room between other vehicles when driving.

Please visit our blog post for more tips on winter weather.

Thank you for working with us so we can effectively collect your trash and recycling while maintaining the safety of our employees.