They’re looking for a Few Good Bins But Hoping for Hundreds

During spring and summer 2015, Mechanicsburg Borough’s intrepid Recycle Right Rewards (RRR) volunteers surveyed resident recycling bins on  collection days, looking for exemplary recycling bins filled with the right stuff, only the right stuff, and nothing but the right stuff.
Since April, the Borough has been mailing postcards to every surveyed resident offering some helpful comments about the right and wrong items in the bins.   The RRR Team hopes these postcards help residents figure out what exactly should or should not be tossed into the bins.
Often, a perfect bin is located:  no plastic bags, no deli containers, no light bulbs, no over-sized drink cups or broken toys.  Only glass bottles or jars, cans, paper, flattened cardboard, and plastic bottles and jugs can be accepted for recycling.
A perfect bin entitles the resident to be entered into a drawing for prizes awarded quarterly.  The winner of this quarter’s prize, awarded at the Borough Council meeting Sept. 15 at 7:30 PM, are Wesley and Amanda Welty of Schoolside Drive.  The prize is a $50 Weis Market gift certificate.

3rd quarter Recycling Committee Member Carl Hursh (right) with Andrew Campbell of Weis Foods (left) at the Borough Council Meeting on September 15th.


If all this sounds like a good idea, it is.  It’s such a good idea, the RRR Program won the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Award.
As the program continues, the RRR volunteers hope the postcards spur neighbors to talk to neighbors about recycling.  Anyone who spots a good recycler is invited to nominate the good doer July for the drawings.  Nomination forms are at the Borough Office or can be downloaded from
Complete information about Borough recycling is on the website as is Dr. B. Green, who will personally answer recycling questions submitted to the site.
So if you live in Mechanicsburg, good recycling pays off in two ways:  a chance to win a prize and the chance to make the Earth a little cleaner and a little safer.
And that makes everybody a winner.