Mechanicsburg Borough Council recognized Michael and Terry Hoffman of South George Street as the latest winners of the “Recycle Right Reward.” Carl Hursh of the Mechanisburg Borough’s Recycling Committee presented Michael with a $50 gift certificate from Rutter’s Farm Store at the April 17 Borough Council meeting.  The Hoffman’s award marks the one-year anniversary of the rewards program.  Council has extended the rewards program for a second year, recommending that residents receive feedback on their curbside recycling performance.


The Hoffman’s became eligible for the reward as a result of a March survey of recycling bins along their recycling collection route.  Recycling bins prepared according to the Borough’s Recycling Regulations were identified during the survey, with one winner selected for the reward by random drawing.  In addition to eligible surveyed households, Mechanicsburg residents may nominate a neighbor or other Borough resident for being an exemplary recycler.  Nomination forms available at the Borough Office may be submitted for the drawings.

The Recycle Right Rewards program is designed to raise awareness of Mechanicsburg’s residential curbside recycling program and stimulate participation.  During the first year of the program the Borough’s recycling web page has received nearly 1,400 visits, with 921 of those visits made to the Recycling Regulations page:  http://mechanicsburgborough/regulations/.

The Borough’s Citizen’s Recycling Advisory Committee, which operates Recycle Right Rewards, aims to have residents properly manage materials that are not part of the curbside recycling program but are often included in recycling bins.  Examples include plastic shopping bags, which should be taken to collection bins at grocery stores, and plastic deli and take-out containers, which, if not reusable, should be discarded with trash.  Another problem material is StyrofoamTM, for which there are no local recycling options.  Bulk foam packaging, foam cups, plates, egg cartons, etc. should be discarded.  Foam packing peanuts, however, may be reused or provided to package shipping stores.

Electronic items, especially televisions and computer monitors, are banned from disposal in Pennsylvania and should be recycled.  Best Buy stores, The Computer Barn near Carlisle, and the Dauphin County Recycling Center in Harrisburg have approved electronics recycling programs that are accessible to Mechanicsburg residents.

Borough Manager Patrick Dennis stated that The Borough of Mechanicsburg Council, volunteers and staff extend their appreciation to Rutter’s Farm Markets and eleven other local merchants that provided Recycle Right Reward program prizes in its inaugural year. The Borough thanks its residents for their proper recycling practices and encourages all residents to recycle all of the aluminum, glass, paper, plastic and steel items listed in the Borough’s Recycling Regulations.