It is never too early to start cleaning up properties to reduce mosquito breeding areas.  Gutters, birdbaths, toys, flower pots, corrugated pipes, and tire ruts can all produce hundreds of mosquitoes in a very short time. Furthermore, mosquitoes can fly a mile from where they hatched searching for a blood meal; making mosquito management a COMMUNITY effort.  Residents should identify these mosquito breeding habitats on their property- and then remove the water source or apply a control product– to keep their whole neighborhood healthy.

The West Nile Virus Control Program ‘s objective is to reduce expected morbidity and mortality, health care costs, and the financial impact that WNV outbreaks would have upon Commonwealth industries.  The program is funded and directed by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and implemented through the County’s Vector Control office, which monitors this mosquito-borne disease at over 150 sites.  Waters known to breed mosquitoes are treated with naturally occurring bacteria to reduce mosquito populations before they can ever bite someone.  When an adult control spray is necessary, information is posted on the County’s website 48 hours prior to treatment.  You can sign up for “Notify Me” emails to stay informed on these events.

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Vector Control Office Phone Number: 717-240-7808