The Borough of Mechanicsburg has advertised a budget for fiscal year 2014 with a .5 mil fire tax. Based on the recommendations of the Borough’s Fire Consolidation Committee, the Borough outlined several goals of which the first step is providing a dedicated revenue source for the volunteer fire companies.

The goals that the Borough is seeking to accomplish with the fire tax are as followed:

• Provide a dedicated revenue source for the fire companies in order to help provide for long term planning related to debt service.

• The debt service will be associated with future capital projects for the fire companies including apparatuses and a new building. Without the fire tax, it would be difficult to absorb the long term debt payments in the Borough’s General Fund.

• Similar to user rates for the sewer fund, the fire tax will be a service tax focused on serving the needs of the fire companies in order to provide the best service possible. This will help the Borough not co-mingle funds and provide for straight forward budgeting and record keeping.

• New financial flexibility will allow for an apparatus replacement schedule to be created focused on purchasing equipment to service one company.


Proposed budgets as follows:


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